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Mask-up! C-Care nurses remind us of the importance of respecting COVID protocols

On 12 May, C-Care celebrated International Nurses Day to shed light on the commitment and passion of its nursing staff. It was also an opportunity to reemphasise the crucial role of medical staff during this pandemic and the importance of respecting COVID protocols to keep each other safe

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One of the largest ovarian cysts (40cm) in the world removed at Wellkin Hospital

One of the largest ovarian cysts was diagnosed and operated laparoscopically at Wellkin Hospital recently. The 15-year-old patient came with a complaint of distended abdomen (belly that was abnormally big, almost like 36 weeks pregnant woman!). CT scan performed detected abnormally large ovarian cyst measuring 40cm x 23cm x 18cm which was pressing against the patient’s chest and other organs. This GIANT ovarian cyst was removed through a laparoscopic surgery (i.e. only small incision) by Dr. Farhad Aumeer (Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Wellkin Hospital).

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New record: 107 babies born in December 2018 at Wellkin Hospital

Wellkin is well equipped to handle and manage all high-risk pregnancies. Our obstetrics unit is equipped with a neonatal intensive unit to care for sick newborns, including pre-term babies. The hospital has once again achieved the highest deliveries ever in a single month. 107 babies were born in the month December 2018. This is the highest ever in a private clinic.

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« Octobre Rose » pour Wellkin Hospital et Fortis Clinique Darné

Wellkin Hopsital et Fortis Clinique Darné ont organisé durant le mois d’octobre des activités consacrées à la sensibilisation et à la promotion du dépistage du cancer du sein. Le dépistage précoce est l’un des moyens les plus efficaces dans la lutte contre le cancer du sein.

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Caring for people is our duty

Compassion, empathy and devotion are words that ho/d strong meaning for employees in our Healthcare cluster. Throughout the years, this portfolio has kept growing and expanding beyond Mauritian shores. ln our 6 hospitals, 36 clinics and 1 accredited Testing Laboratory, situated in Mauritius, Nigeria and Uganda, our employees have played key rotes in our development.

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Ex-Apollo Bramwell Hospital devient Wellkin Hospital

Suite au rachat de l’ex-hôpital Apollo Bramwell par The Medical and Surgical Centre Limited (‘MSCL’), filiale de CIEL Healthcare, le 20 janvier dernier, le nouveau nom de l’hôpital a été dévoilé, lundi 8 mai 2017, lors d’un événement dans l’enceinte de l’établissement, en présence du Vice-Premier Ministre et Ministre de l’énergie, l’Honorable Ivan Collendavelloo, de l’ensemble du personnel hospitalier, des partenaires de l’hôpital et du nouveau management. Désormais connu sous le nom de Wellkin Hospital, la gestion de l’hôpital est assurée par Fortis Healthcare, leader des services de santé opérant 54 hôpitaux et centres de soins dans le monde.

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New investment in healthcare in Nigeria

In March 2017, Hygeia Nigeria Limited, an associate company of CIEL Healthcare in Nigeria, concluded the acquisition of Gold Cross Hospital, a 35 bedded multi-specialty hospital in Lagos.

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New beginnings for ex-Apollo Bramwell hospital

A new chapter has begun for the ex-Apollo Bramwell Hospital. On 20th January, 2017, CIEL Healthcare Limited (“CHL”), through its subsidiary, The Medical and Surgical Centre Limited (‘MSCL’), indeed concluded the purchase of the business operations of this iconic Hospital.

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CIEL Healthcare: Growing Strong

Within three years, CIEL Healthcare Limited (CHL) has firmly consolidated its foundations in the health sector. The company has associated itself with eminent partners whilst expanding its scale of operations in sub-Saharan Africa.

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CIEL Stories

CIEL Limited reports financial results for the Full Year 2019-2020 and First Quarter ended 30 September 2020

In response to the crisis, the Group took steps to ensure cash preservation through tighter working capital management and deferment or cancellation of all non-essential capital investments and expenditures. Employees’ health and safety was a priority and the Group participated in the fight against the pandemic by providing COVID-19 test capabilities and producing masks and medical gowns. Donations were also organised to support front liners and vulnerable populations amongst numerous other initiatives undertaken.