Nathalie Daynes appointed as CEO of MITCO

CIEL Finance wishes to announce that Mrs. Nathalie Daynes, Deputy CEO of MITCO, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of MITCO Group Ltd, effective from 1st February 2024. MITCO is a Corporate, Private Client and Fund Services Group operating in the Global Business Sector in Mauritius and with offices in Dubai and Seychelles. Nathalie will be succeeding Mahen Govinda, who will be assuming the role of Chairman of the MITCO Trust Company and taking a new role at the Group level.

Nathalie has been a driving force behind MITCO’s commercial and marketing initiatives, and her contributions have proven to be of significant value, marked by innovation and growth.

In her new role, Nathalie will lead MITCO's initiatives for sustained growth, focusing on driving operational excellence and delivering world class experience to the esteemed client base of MITCO. Nathalie’s focus will be to enhance the value proposition of MITCO by providing customized and tailor-made services to its diverse client needs. She will champion innovation, embracing emerging trends and technologies with a view to keep MITCO at the forefront of market opportunities.

Commenting on this appointment, Lakshman Bheenick, CEO of CIEL Finance, said: “The financial services industry is currently undergoing a dynamic technological transformation, which we believe will create meaningful opportunities to redefine the future of cross-border investment, wealth and business structuring. I am confident that Nathalie’s combination of commercial vision and pragmatic leadership will not only steer MITCO towards sustained growth but will also foster a culture of agility, innovation, and client-centricity.”

Commenting on her appointment, Nathalie Daynes added, “As I step into my new role, I look forward to guiding MITCO through its next phase of growth, building on the groundwork done by the entire team and further elevate our services with a view to unleash value for our clients”.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mahen Govinda for his remarkable contributions, marked by key achievements, including the successful implementation of transformative strategies, expansion into new markets, and the establishment of MITCO as a trusted leader in the Fiduciary and Corporate Services sector. As he transitions to his new role as Chairman of the MITCO Trust Company, we extend our warmest wishes for continued success. His wealth of experience and leadership will undoubtedly bring valuable strategic insights to MITCO as well as for his new responsibilities within the Group.