08 Jan 2020
CIEL Textile

Laguna Clothing's non-iron journey

After years of perseverance, Laguna Clothing has mastered the application of their unique non-iron technology to fine fabrics to meet the needs of a constantly-evolving niche market.

Laguna Clothing: Innovate and be the best

Over the years, Laguna Clothing tested various fabric to produce their 100% cotton non-iron shirts. After many failures, they finally managed to create the “luxury non-iron” line,  with their partners, Monti. This has seen them operate at the top end of the luxury market creating a niche within their niche.

Success through strong teamwork

Commitment, teamwork, partnerships and an innovative culture were the key elements to this project's success. Laguna Clothing benefitted from unconditional support from its shareholders, customers, its supply chain partners, who all believed in the potential of the project. Today, Laguna is one of the fastest growing textile companies of CIEL.

What's next?

Creating non-iron shirts using knitted fabric, 100% linen, cotton wool, cotton tencel etc. 

Key Facts

  • Founded in 2006
  • Present in India, Mauritius and Madagascar
  • Specialised in high-quality non-iron shirts
  • World’s only producer of luxury Non-Iron shirts using Italian fabric
  • Combined with the duty-free access, one of the most competitive suppliers into the USA market