09 Apr 2020
CIEL Group

COVID-19 : Mobilisation of CIEL Teams to support national efforts

Dear colleagues and partners, 

we wanted to share with you the amazing initiatives taken across the Group to help in this unprecedented crisis situation.

Free teleconsultations by C-Care

C-Care is offering free tele consultations to all patients suffering from flu or COVID-19 symptoms. To book an appointment, you can call 605 1000 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

COVID-19 tests at C-Lab

C-Lab has invested in new equipments and trained its team to conduct COVID-19 tests and support the Government's technical laboratories. The laboratory has a daily capacity of 60 PCR tests for now.

Isolated structure set up at Wellkin Hospital

Wellkin Hospital will soon be able to welcome COVID-19 patients upon receiving the government’s authorisation. The team has worked hard to set up a completely isolated structure including ICU beds to welcome COVID-19 patients securely.

Sun Resorts' food stock

Sun Resorts offered Group companies to supply its food stock at cost for CIEL Textile and C-Care employees. Donations were also made to local NGOs.

Hosting of COVID-19 patients in quarantine at Ambre Hotel

Ambre Hotel has been handed over to the national health authorities to host patients in quarantine.

CIEL Textile produces approx. 50,000 protective masks per day

Aquarelle and Tropic Knits teams in Mauritius and Madagascar join forces to fight the COVID-19 by producing around 50,000 protective masks per day.

Financial contributions to help vulnerable populations

CIEL contributes to Covid-19 National Solidarity Fund and helps vulnerable populations through CIEL Foundation and Caritas’ special mobilisation.

Automatic deferment of loan & mortgage repayments at BNI MADAGASCAR

BNI MADAGASCAR implements, for its clients affected by a loss of income, an automatic deferment of loan and mortgage repayments for up to three months, without any additional fees.

Raised daily limits on Bank One contactless payments

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, Bank One has raised its contactless payment limits to Rs. 3,000 per transaction, and to Rs. 6,000 per day. Plus, for each contactless, internet banking and mobile banking transaction, Bank One will donate Rs. 2 to the
COVID-19 Solidarity Fund to help those most impacted by the pandemic.

Several other initiatives are ongoing or being discussed. 

These initiatives reflect the exceptional resilience and commitment of our teams across clusters.