20 Mar 2020
CIEL Group

COVID-19: Message from Jean-Pierre Dalais, Group Chief Executive

Message from Jean-Pierre Dalais, Group Chief Executive to all CIEL employees - 20th of March 2020

Dear colleagues,

As you know, the Mauritian authorities have implemented a total confinement as of today for the next two weeks.

Essential services and some manufacturing activities will be allowed to remain open to ensure that life continues despite this crisis that affects us all.

I would thus like to salute our colleagues in healthcare, banks and hotels who are mobilised on the front line, in a particularly difficult context, to continue serving our customers with the same passion and determination.

My thoughts also go to our teams at CIEL Textile who have been asked to close all operations temporarily today.

The government has however just reassessed the list of industries which will be authorised to continue operations in the next two weeks and export oriented businesses will be able to serve their customers. Needless to say, we will take all precautionary measures to protect the health and well-being of our employees who will be working.

For all our colleagues who are confined to their homes and who continue their work, I would also like to thank you for your collaboration and support.  

There is no doubt that we are entering a period that none of us have experienced before. All our activities are significantly affected. All our benchmarks and work habits are being turned upside down.

In these moments more than ever, it is good to lean on our fundamentals and values:

Let’s all act responsibly by following the precautionary measures and hygiene rules to ensure the health of our people.

Let’s go beyond and find innovative solutions to problems we didn’t even imagine a few weeks ago.

Let us show solidarity, kindness and commitment to ensure the sustainability of our society.

These coming weeks will certainly transform the way we work together but the CIEL entrepreneurial flame is burning in ALL us and we shall use these difficult times to strengthen our collaboration and make innovative ideas flourish.

Let’s stay positive and do our best to protect ourselves, our nation whilst serving our clients, sustain our business and celebrate life!

Take care.
Jean-Pierre Dalais
Group Chief Executive