03 Sep 2020
CIEL Properties

CIEL Launches an Agri-Hub in Ferney

In line with the Group's recently unveiled sustainability development strategy and in order to increase the country's food security, CIEL is launching an Agri-Hub within its Ferney estate in the south-east of the island. An area of 20 hectares has been identified to accommodate agri-entrepreneurs who wish to develop their production according to sustainable practices. Larger areas are also available for large agricultural operators.


Guillaume Dalais, CEO of CIEL Properties indicates: “We have decided to launch an innovative project in the form of the Ferney Agri-Hub with the objective of developing agribusiness from a new angle, by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and new forms of agriculture that meet the needs of local consumers in terms of quality and supply. " Sustainable and integrated development is indeed central to the Ferney Agri-Hub, which will only host projects that respect and promote the environment. The production of medicinal plants for research purposes is also part of the project as well as the experimentation of new production techniques oriented towards technology. Ultimately, Ferney Agri-Hub will be able to facilitate the pooling of agricultural equipment as well as a structured distribution channel.


“It is above all about giving agri-entrepreneurs, who are too often isolated, the chance to get started. Our ecosystem brings together well-established business operators as well as agrientrepreneurs in order to create a new dynamic. They can thus discuss, learn from each other and put in common certain resources. After the sad episode of the oil spill caused by MV Wakashio, it is all the more important to work together on the implementation of innovative projects that promote entrepreneurship and that will benefit the region and neighbouring communities,” adds Guillaume Dalais.


The Ferney Agri-Hub responds to needs identified with the agri-entrepreneurs themselves and thus offers fenced agricultural land, connected to water and electricity as well as a coworking space with offices and storage spaces. Located 10 minutes from the airport and easily accessible by road, Ferney has a large land bank very suitable for agricultural development.


Jean-Marc Rivet, Estate Manager of Ferney and responsible for the project adds: “Ferney is a site which lends itself ideally to agricultural development. Our goal at the Agri-Hub is to work with neighbouring communities and support producers and agri-entrepreneurs to grow according to responsible practices. We also intend to set up, in the near future, a structure to connect the people of the region and offer them training in sustainable development practices. A concrete example will be the establishment of a community garden which will thus promote short food supply chains. "


Interested agri-entrepreneurs can find more information at www.ferney.mu Ferney Agri-Hub is a first component of an integrated project at Ferney which includes three other pillars: eco-tourism, community living and life sciences. Ferney La Vallée is moreover open to the public for all those who wish to discover the endemic flora and fauna of the island within its Wildlife Sanctuary.

Now more than ever, Ferney invites us to change our lifestyles and reconnect with nature.