03 Apr 2019
CIEL Group

SHELAN'S CORNER : 1O interview tips to secure your dream job!

If you have interviews coming up, these tips are for you. From pre-interview preparation to post-interview follow up, Shelan’s tips will help you be the best of yourself. Remember, your enthusiasm and attitude will reflect a lot of your personality. Herewith below is how you can secure your dream job.

First impression is the last impression – Take time to select your outfit. Research on the organisation’s culture and dress according to the position you are aiming for. Important! Feel comfortable and be yourself. If you feel comfortable and confident others will see it too.

Be punctual – It is advised to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the interview. You will get a chance to breathe, think about your key messages and get to blend in the environment. This will increase your level of confidence. For this to happen, allow extra time to arrive early in case you get lost or traffic is not on your side. If you ever get late, do not forget to inform the interviewer. PS. No mobile phone while driving and make sure you’re parked.

Research on the organisation – It is expected that you know (a minimum) the organization to which you’ve shown interest by sending your application. Of course, it is not expected that you know everything but take time to desk research (website, annual report, social media channels, the press) but also talk to people in your network. Finding a job is not a one-way process.  There is as much investment and risk taking on both sides, so take this edge that will help you make the right decision in due course.

Know your interviewers – As far as possible it is always good to know whom you will meet during the interview, so feel free to ask the company for their names so that you may also do some research on them. This will make you more prepared and comfortable.

Show enthusiasm - We all feel nervous at some point but overcoming it is important. Relax! Take a deep breath. A firm handshake (and definitely not a FISHY handshake) to greet, and an appropriate eye contact demonstrate confidence. Speak clearly and distinctly in a poised voice.

Be conscious of your body language - Your body posture and body language are also very important. Remember, research has proven that a high proportion of your communication or message is passed through your non-verbal actions. Be conscious of your gestures, and body posture, etc. So please sit properly and make reasonable use of your hand movement for example!

Listen to understand and not to reply – With the level of stress up and pressure to answer all questions “correctly”, we often neglect this important interview skill. Listening is fundamental as you might be able to read between the lines and gather important information. It also helps in asking the right questions as well. If you don’t understand the question, feel free to ask for clarification, and this may also be a way for gaining time to reflect… of course you should not ask them to clarify ALL questions!!!

Use your achievements and challenges as examples – When preparing for your interview, take time to reflect on your achievement and challenges you’ve been through during your studies and/or career. Think about how this could be an added value to the organization you would like to work for. When making a point, use these as examples. Remember you are not the only one applying for a job and you should really reflect on experiences that makes you UNIQUE!!!

Remember that an interview is a two-way process – Think of an interview as a conversation. The interviewer needs as much information about you as you need about the organisation. Do not hesitate to ask questions. This will also highlight your interest for the company.

Follow up – Candidates tend to forget this part of the interview. In case the interviewers do not share with you next steps and when you can expect feedback, do not forget to ask.

You are now ready to give the best of yourself! Good luck with your interview.