15 Jun 2018
CIEL Textile

#ActForOurEnvironment : CIEL Textile ready to beat plastic pollution!

On Saturday 9 June, CIEL Textile family took a strong stand to beat plastic pollution in our offices, community and daily lives. Creativity, passion and determination were the key ingredients that made the #ActForOurEnvironment day, one which was impactful in terms of awareness, bonding and community engagement!  Check out our initiatives!

1.  We've replaced plastic bottles for reusable bottles

We have symbolically exchanged our plastic bottles for reusable ones. Indeed, plastic was never fantastic !

2. We said NO to plastic bags

Engagement can really help to bring maximum creativity in us. We used our skills to come up with a creative yet practical way to carry  groceries, personal belonging and even to clean up. Here are some alternatives to plastic bags.

3. We Reduced, Reused & Recycled 

They said if you can’t reuse it, refuse it. CIEL Textile family gave a second life to plastic waste!

4. We understood our role and impact on the community

Education is indeed a key component of the #BeatPlasticPollution campaign and we did just that! We engaged with the community by raising awareness in schools and by cleaning our vicinities.