22 May 2017
CIEL Finance

New Core Banking System at BNI Madagascar

This 10th of April 2017, BNI Madagascar has gone from “ISBA” core banking system to “Amplitude”.


A core banking system is the software used to support a bank’s most common transactions, such as opening new accounts, processing cash deposits and withdrawals, managing customer accounts, processing loans, etc.


This migration infers a real technological revolution which will enable the bank to provide more effective banking services to its customers. In line with the launch of its new campaign “Bank of Tomorrow”, the BNI Madagascar website (www.bni.mg)  has been revamped and a new Internet & Mobile Banking has been launched offering now digital transaction facilities to its users.

This project was a great opportunity to put into practice the strong values of the company namely Team SpiritProfessionalismCommitment and Integrity. Totally dedicated to the success of the operation, all the employees and collaborators worked together on several Sundays for big rehearsals, before the new system went live. The general mobilization of the whole BNI Madagascar team has greatly contributed to the success of this technological innovation of the banking system in Madagascar.