28 Nov 2017
CIEL Group

Get your Christmas gifts and decorations at the Marché de Noël Solidaire

The Marché de Noël Solidaire is back. This annual initiative of ACTogether.mu and the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard is rolling once again for its 6th edition. This market will allow the public at large to buy Christmas decorations and gifts. Save these dates: November 30 at Caudan Waterfront and December 8 at Phoenix Mall.

Using art as a therapy

This initiative brought forward by Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard and Actogether.mu is twofold. Besides being a fund raising initiative, the workshops, during which all the items are crafted, serve like therapies where art is at the centre. Under close supervision of their professional therapists, these workshops have provided the beneficiaries with a form of healing, where frustration is expelled, and self-esteem and assertiveness are either strengthened or restored.

Making Christmas an unforgettable moment

During the past months, the NGOs and their beneficiaries have been busy manufacturing different beautiful pieces. Using a vast array of materials such as rattan, wood, buttons, pearls, recycled paper or pieces of cloths. Each NGO has chosen specific materials based on the capabilities and skills developed by the beneficiaries. During two days, you will get the opportunity to buy Christmas cards, decoration and ornaments, nametags, candles… in short, everything that would add in making Christmas an unforgettable moment.

NGOs aiming at auto-financing

All the items put on sale on this occasion are handmade by the beneficiaries of 9 NGOs since March this year. This Marché de Noël Solidaire will help these organisations to raise funds and auto-finance their activities in a context deemed particularly difficult for them.

The 9 NGOs are: Autisme Maurice, Baz’Art Kreasion, Open Mind, Atelier de formation Joie de Vivre, Fondation pour l’Enfance Terre de Paix, Le Pont du Tamarinier, Friends in Hope, Eastern Welfair Association for the Disabled and Local Hands.