03 Apr 2017
CIEL Group

CIEL launches 2 environmental campaigns : "Alime Tengn" & "Pa Zete, Resikle"

On one hand, “Alime Tengn”, a program revolving around energy saving, aims at increasing the mindfulness of staff members about the electricity consumption in the building and encourage them to take the necessary actions to turn the tide. To motivate every tenant to be a part of the solution, a contest where energy consumption per tenant will be monitored for the period March-September 2016 v/s March-September 2017 has been organised. The tenant who will reduce the most its energy use, will be rewarded with an attractive prize.

On the other hand, “Pa Zete, Resikle” has the vocation of easing the pressure on Mare-Chicose landfill and promoting the sustainable development of Mauritius. For the good running of this initiative, Mission Verte, our partner for this action, has provided waste-sorting bins to Ebène Skies, thus encouraging employees to foster waste segregation, bring their recyclables from home and limit our waste at the source.