28 Nov 2017
CIEL Group

CIEL and Tropic Knits support Porlwi by Nature

It will surely be one of the highlights of Porlwi by Nature Festival. The CIEL One Beat One Tree Project, which is sponsored by the Group, is an art-piece that will recreate a virtual 3D forest using light effects. This creation is the work of Naziha Mestaoui, artist and architect, who is committed to reforestation programmes in different countries throughout the world. The Porlwi by Nature Festival will run from November 29 up to December 3.

Reforestation programme at La Citadelle

Situated near The Docks, the CIEL One Beat One Tree Project is quite unique since it will allow the festival goers to participate in a reforestation programme to be implemented on the hillsides of La Citadelle, which overlooks the City of Port Louis. Indeed, each visitor will get to interact with the art piece: A seed is sown and the tree grows up using the visitor’s heartbeat and movement as a source of energy.

Trees are our allies

Once the tree has grown up virtually, a tree will be planted in a reforestation programme around La Citadelle, implemented jointly by Friends of the Environment, GEF Small Grants Programme-UNDP and FORENA. In doing so, this project acknowledges trees as our allies since they regulate our ecosystem and accompany our environment in its regeneration.

Tropic Knits supports Porlwi by Nature

Porlwi festival is famous for its branding: t-shirts, notebooks, cups, tote bags... The merchandising is unique, well-thought and easily recognisable. Tropic Knits is proud to be part of Porlwi by Nature this year as the group has manufactured and offered all the t-shirts for the staff and volunteers of the festival. 

Reforestation at La Vallée de Ferney

It is no coincidence if CIEL participates in this project since it tallies with the Group’s effort to preserve and protect the unique fauna and flora at La Vallée de Ferney, on the southeast coast of Mauritius. A reforestation programme is currently ongoing in this region, aiming at reintroducing in this part of the island endemic plants and trees.