Corporate sustainability

Social responsibility and community welfare have always been core values of CIEL.

The “Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard” (FCNR) was set up in 2004 and since sustained hundreds of projects in areas such as fight against poverty, education and disability. CIEL is also committed to the protection of the environment through La Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust, since 2006.

CIEL has set up a Corporate Sustainability Committee, with three sub-committees, to efficiently manage the CSER activities, which have been grouped into three distinct categories:

  • The « Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard » – Social Integration and National and Cultural Heritage, National Solidarity
  • Environmental Responsibility Committee - Protection of Environment
  • HR Forum –Employee development and welfare

Rs 50 million invested in some 300 projects, since 2004

Distribution of Financing by Activity Sector (2013-2014)

Fight against poverty: 28%

Number of beneficiaries: 472

Amount spent: Rs 1,340,000



Vallée de Ferney

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Corporate Sustainability Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard

  • Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard

    The Foundation CIEL Nouveau Regard (FCNR) was established in 2005 and is engaged in areas such as fight against poverty and exclusion, education and disability. Since February 2010, FCNR has been empowered to receive the CSER tax through funding from subsidiaries companies of CIEL.

    The Foundation has invested some Rs 50 million in various projects managed by local NGOs, with whom it has developed close partnerships. 

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  • Financing

    In 2013, Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard invested Rs 9 million on various social and environmental projects. 68% of the amount received was used to finance projects managed by local NGOs in such areas as fight against poverty, education and disability.


    Number of beneficiaries: 235
    Amount spent: Rs. 1,260,000


    Number of beneficiaries: 925
    Amount spent: Rs. 2,180,000

    Fight against Poverty and Social Integration

    Number of beneficiaries: 472
    Amount spent: Rs. 1,340,000

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  • ACTogether is a web portal managed by “Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard” which provides NGOs, that are engaged in the fight of all types of exclusions in Mauritius, with a communication platform.

    ACTogether organises, in addition, a series of activities yearly, among which:

    • The “Marché de Noël”, with main objectives to gather all the NGOs around a common project, help them improve the quality of their craft products and in raising funds.
    • ACTogether also hosted a stand at the “Mauritius International University, Career and Job Expo” at Pailles. Organised with the help of Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard and in collaboration with NGOs, social workers and volunteers, the stand offered the opportunity to those who want to make career in the social field, to join local NGOs.
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  • Disability

    The Foundation CIEL Nouveau Regard (FCNR) is strongly committed to providing disabled children with access to education. Thus, in January 2010, it opened the first secondary school for deaf children in collaboration with the NGO Society for the Welfare of the Deaf (SWD). In 2010, the Form 1 pre-vocational programme was launched with 20 pupils, then From II in 2012 and Form III in 2012. In 2013, FCNR has renewed its support to the SWD and is financing 25% of the running costs of its 4 classrooms. Moreover, in March 2013, all the students of Form III have received a certificate for prevocational.

    FCNR provided its support to other NGOs in 2013:

    • Eastern Welfare Association for the Disabled (‘EWAD’)
    • Association Dominique Savio
    • Association Mille Soleils
    • Friends in Hope
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  • Education

    The Foundation CIEL Nouveau Regard (FCNR) supports alternative education. Thanks to the ANFEN network and to the Zippy programme of ICJM, children with learning difficulties can have access to education.

    FCNR provided its support to other NGOs in 2013 …

    • Teen Hope du Groupe Noyau Social de Cité La Cure à Port-Louis
    • Mahebourg Espoir Education Centre (MEEC) de l’association Mahebourg Espoir
    • L’association Bâtisseurs de Paix
    • Scolarships to students of St Patrick’s College
    • Surinam Centre d’Ecoute et de Développement
    • Association Solidarité Maman
    • Mouvement Forces Vives Quartier EDC, projet Sa Nou Vizé
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  • Fight against Poverty and Social Integration

    In line with Government’s policy, the struggle against poverty has been the spearhead of FCNR’s action in 2013. At the end of 2010, FCNR launched a large-scale integrated community development project in partnership with Caritas: La Caze Lespwar.

    This project, situated at Solitude, assists communities living in poverty and facing difficulties in the regions of Solitude, Triolet, Plaine des Papayes, Pointe aux Piments, and now reaching even as far as Arsenal. It provides services adapted to the needs of these population groups: education and training, community gardening, breakfast for pupils, sports, holiday activities for children, activities for women, an emergency service and a solidarity shop and a pre-school centre/creativity centre .

    FNR provided its support to other NGOs in 2013 …

    • Le département counseling de l’ICJM , les cellules d’écoute et de counseling au collège de Bambou Virieux
    • L’association Vent d’un rêve
    • l’association Kinouété
    • La maison cœur écoute de Barkly
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Corporate Sustainability National Solidarity, promotion of cultural heritage and sports

  • Promotion of Cultural Heritage and sports

    In view of promoting the fascinating biodiversity and rich cultural history of Mauritius, CIEL has supported the first creole dictionary project and sponsored numerous cultural events featuring local artists.

    CIEL has also contributed to the promotion of sports at regional and national level by supporting various sports clubs, among which the Curepipe Starlight Sporting Club, the Faucon Flacq Supporting Club as well as the Rugby Union of Mauritius and athletes participating in the Agadir ATU Triathlon African Championships 2013.

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  • National Solidarity

    CIEL through the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard (FCRN) has sustained hundreds of projects in areas such as fight against poverty and exclusion, education and disability. In 2013, FCRN joined forces with the local authorities and the NGO CARITAS to bring support to some 565 families, among whom were few employees of CIEL, who suffered from flash floods. Rs 1 million were distributed among these families.

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  • Environment

    CIEL has an ongoing commitment towards the “Vallée de Ferney”, a native forest of 200 hectares nested in the Bambous Mountains. With its unique biodiversity, the forest provides shelter for more than 100 plant species and numerous animals. CIEL is working in collaboration with the Government of Mauritius to restore the forest of the “Vallée de Ferney”.

    In January 2013, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to pursue the development of the conservation management of the valley and its endemic species through a three year project namely the “Optimising the Ferney Valley into a Mauritian biodiversity conservation and awareness hotspot”.

  • Our People

    Our success depends on the commitment and enthusiasm of our 28,000 team members deployed across our various subsidiaries and associates throughout the world.

    At CIEL, we aim to attract the right people and help them to develop and fulfil their potential.

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