• Five Business Sectors with operations
    in 10 countries
  • Workforce of 27,000 people deployed across Mauritius and some African and Asian countries.
  • One of the largest local companies in terms
    of market capitalisation.
  • Financially strong and diversified group built on integrity, hard work, spirit of entrepreneurship, and a solid sense of partnership
  • Leading change as a trustworthy and daring conglomerate in Mauritius and beyond…
About Us

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Last updated on Tuesday
28th March 2017 02:28:00

Rs 6.68

SEMDEX : 1,928.35

Listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius

Market Capitalisation Rs 10.2 billion (USD 291 million)

Operations in Mauritius, Africa & Asia

Leading Diversified Investment Company

Investment Portfolio Allocation as at 30 June 2015 - Rs 14,457m
25% Agro & Property - MUR 3,683m
16% Textile - MUR 2,301m
7% Healthcare - MUR 946m
34% Hotels & Resorts - MUR 4,860m
18% Finance - MUR 2,667m

Teamed up with Leading international partners

27,000 committed enployees worldwide


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