04 Jan 2019
CIEL Healthcare

New record: 107 babies born in December 2018 at Wellkin Hospital

The Maternity team at Wellkin showed tremendous courage and teamwork on the morning of 21st December 2018 when they received a pregnant patient with severe Eclampsia. This is a rare but serious condition where patient suffers from high blood pressure and fits during pregnancy. The case of this particular patient was very complicated as the patient went blind on her way to Wellkin which posed a serious threat to the lives of both mother and baby.

Within 15 minutes of arrival of the patient, the entire Maternity and Operating Theatre staff have mobilised their forces under leadership of gynaecologist Dr. Farah Bolaky. An emergency caesarean was organised within minutes. Thanks to perfect coordination between the medical and nursing teams two precious lives were saved. The mother was moved to ICU where she regained her eye sight.

“I can see you” said the mother, while thanking Robinah (Nurse in charge of Maternity) and Dr Bolaky. “We owe our lives to Wellkin” she said. 

“I have never seen such a medical condition in my 35 years of career”, said Dr Timol, anaesthetist assisting the delivery. Dr Bolaky, the Maternity, and OT team of Wellkin are proud of their achievement. They were happily relieved to see that the mother had regained her eye sight. Both mother and baby were discharged in a stable and healthy condition and are doing well!

Wellkin is well equipped to handle and manage all high-risk pregnancies. Our obstetrics unit is equipped with a neonatal intensive unit to care for sick newborns, including pre-term babies. The hospital has once again achieved the highest deliveries ever in a single month. 107 babies were born in the month December 2018. This is the highest ever in a private clinic.