15 May 2018
CIEL Hotels & Resorts

Sun Resorts: First hotel group to sign an MOU with the University of Mauritius

SunResorts is pleased to announce that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Mauritius (The International Center for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality), this Tuesday 15 May.This signatory event was held at Sun Resorts Headquarters, Ebène Skies in the presence of the CEO of Sun Resorts, David Anderson and Professor D. Jhurry, CSK, Vice Chancellor, University of Mauritius. This collaboration between Sun Resorts and the University of Mauritius is a first step to strengthen the tourism industry - university linkage with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable tourism.

The International Center for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality of the University of Mauritius was set-up with the main objective of carrying-out applied research of direct relevance to the industry and to facilitate transfer of knowledge between the University of Mauritius and public and private sector stakeholders in the field of sustainable tourism. 

“The MOU clearly demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to work together to produce high quality research that will be of direct relevance to the industry” states Dr Robin Nunkoo, head of the Center for Sustainable Tourism. 

For David Anderson, CEO of Sun Resorts : “Dedicated to pursue its defined sustainability strategy, Sun is proud to be the first hotel group to sign an MOU with UOM. This will definitely help to raise awareness for guests and raise funds for Suncare program to help in the funding of Marine Conservation.”


Grow & Shine together

  • An initiative of Sun Limited
  • A registered NGO as from Feb 2018 


  • Support local community project where children are at the heart of our program
  • Support local environmental program


Because we care for Our People, Our Community and Our Country 

  • We believe if we combine our efforts we can grow and shine together 

More about SUNCARE Program: 

Sun Group through its SUNCARE Program strongly believes that “caring for the people and the planet” is not only a company responsibility but also a condition for long term business success. Sun Group is committed to pursuing a triple bottom line approach of environmental, social and financial responsibilities by finding innovative ways to do more with less. 

As a responsible operator, we are committed to adhering to our legal obligations, sustained environmental protection, social responsibility, health and safety and conduct that reflect highest ethical values through continual improvement by ways of annual benchmarking assessment. 

We are committed to

  • Conserve natural resources and enhancing resources for future generation. 
  • Protect ecosystem biodiversity. 
  • Drive sustainable development. 
  • Minimise pollution, reduce waste and the consumption of Group resources. 
  • Report on key environmental, social and financial performance indicators through our Balance Scorecard. 
  • Raise environmental awareness among our associates, suppliers, guests and communities. 
  • Provide resources, training, equipment and other support to enable fulfilment of this policy 
  • Review our performance and the effectiveness of Sun Group Environmental and Social Policy periodically to enable us to determine our next steps forward

Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering local employees, and wherever possible sustainable products and services will be sourced locally in accordance with fair trade principles.