20 Jul 2018
CIEL Finance

MITCO celebrates its 25th anniversary by organising several activities

In line with CIEL’s sustainability strategy, MITCO celebrated its Environmental & Sustainability Week from the 9th to the 13th of July, around 5 pillars: Business Ethics, Labour Practices, Environmental Responsibility, Stakeholder Engagement and Satisfaction, and Sustainable Design, Planning and Procurement. The activities and initiative included:

  • a workshop on “The Salient features of the Employment Rights Act” with a speaker from the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment & Training. A group of around 35 staff were present at the workshop, aiming to raise awareness on the employees’ and employer’s rights, the dos and the don’ts for a healthy working environment
  • the sponsorship of the Sports Day of Renganaden Seeneevassen Government School at Cassis. MITCO had the honour to sponsor 60 medals for the event, gathering 150 students and the dedicated teaching staff.
  • In view of the World Environment Day and the 25th Anniversary of MITCO, 25 trees have been planted at La Citadelle. This special event gathered 17 staffs, some accompanied by their family members, to give life to this project.