19 Jun 2018
CIEL Group

How can you positively impact your community ? 7 tips from Caroline Assy-Sohun, coordinator at ACTogether.mu

Encouraging people to contribute to social actions so as to trigger some form of positive community change... With this end in mind, ACTogether.mu has launched, in the wake of its 10th anniversary last year, the #EngagezVous campaign, financed by CIEL and spread on social media. Six short videos were shot to portray persons devoting their time, energy and skills to social causes, as a way to make the idea of social engagement sprout in the public mind.  

Watch these videos on ACTogether.mu’s homepage or Facebook page.

Check out 7 tips from Caroline Assy-Sohun, coordinator at ACTogether.mu on how to positively impact your community:

  1. Start by being active in your immediate circle.
  2. Gear your actions in such a way so as to have a positive impact on your immediate environment. It can be for specific activities or for a long-term project.
  3. Endorse some life principles and putting them into practice for yourself, for your family and your community at large.
  4. Choose an issue that really matters for you. For instance, it could be recycling, raising awareness on early detection of breast cancer or providing academic support.
  5. Social change takes time. You should help selflessly without seeking immediate results.
  6. Provide financial support to NGOs. Participate in initiatives promoting the work and services of NGOs. It is with this specific objective in mind that ACTogether.mu and the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard organise the annual “Marché de Noel Solidaire”
  7. Visit ACTogether.mu to know more about social issues that you can help improve. We help raise awareness about social work as a mean to make a difference.