29 Jan 2018
CIEL Group

Customer Experience: How do you #GoBeyond?

Across CIEL's clusters, our services have a common objective: customer satisfaction. CIEL's motto since 2014, "Beyond Horizons" is a promise to relentlessly challenge the status quo, to overcome obstacles and to push the limits. Let's see how our team members "Go Beyond" to deliver the best service to our customers.

Priya Hurdowar, Quality Service Manager, Bank One

While there is no magic pill or secret formula that fits every situation in the sphere of service, experience is an asset if we want to rise above the clouds. The biggest challenge is to revolutionise service by constantly innovating our ways and means of doing business. To go beyond, we need to surpass the mere fulfilling of the customer’s transactional needs and engage into creating and sustaining an amazing customer journey. It is only by learning to walk in the customer’s shoes that we will truly understand what matters the most and be able to build enduring personal-emotional connections with the customer through empathy. Simply put, it is about understanding the common human concerns that makes a difference to each and every customer. At the end of the day, it all comes down to moments of truth, it is about meaning, it is about details that cannot be measured by KPIs. It is about relationships!

Agnès Ng, Product & Design Manager, Aquarelle Ltd

Since I joined the textile industry, I have been groomed in a customer-centric culture.

Let us not forget that customers are human beings with inner needs and wants; they are like you and me. We can turn their wants into needs not only through our products, but also with the experience we deliver. Working with us should be for our customers more of an experience rather than only a service anyone else can offer. That’s what going beyond means for me!

Ingrid Bayaram, Patient Welfare Officer, Wellkin Hospital

A patient needs to be cared for as if he or she is a member of our own family. It’s our role to show empathy and compassion in this difficult moment he or she is going through. Exceeding patients' expectations is for me how I go beyond. I will never forget a patient once called me “my angel friend” because he was so grateful for the dedication I showed.

Priscilla Guranna-Callaou, Marketing, Communication & PR Manager-Golf, Sun Resorts

The hospitality industry is challenging as we are in direct contact with our customers. We are dealing everyday with different emotions. A lot of attention is given to small details, which can enhance the experience and create “Timeless Memories” for our guests. The human element is crucial because each guest has unique needs and expectations. Anticipating, and even exceeding them, is how I go beyond: recalling their names and preferences, for example, always creates a lasting impression.

Arassee Sabaputtee, Guide, La Vallée de Ferney

Making every visit a memorable one is my priority. What I do first is to ensure every visitor at La Vallée de Ferney feels comfortable: they should feel as if they are at home even though they are far away from their homes.