25 Apr 2018
CIEL Textile

CIEL Textile wins the Innovation & Sustainability Award 2018 at Woolworths Suppliers’ Conference

Kudos to CIEL Textile teams for winning the Innovation & Sustainability Award 20l8 on April 20! 

This yearly event recognises CIEL Textile commitment to produce quality and sustainable products. In fact, CIEL Textile uses more and more organic cotton or BCI yarn in its products but also ensures it lessens its ecological footprint in the whole production process. 

For Dora Brochetto, CIEL Textile Office Head in Cape Town, “It is fantastic to be recognised for the fifth time for the quality of our products. Woolworths has a massive focus on sustainability and to be recognised by them shows that we are doing things right in this area. This motivates our team to go even further in researching and developing sustainable techniques to supply them with better products year after year.”