05 Mar 2018
CIEL Group

CIEL Group rewarded at PwC Corporate Reporting Awards 2018

We are proud to announce that CIEL has been awarded PwC Corporate Reporting Awards (CRA) 2018 for “Online Reporting” and “Risk Management Disclosures”. Bank One has also won the Main Award for the Financial Institutions.

This journey started last year when we looked at how we could communicate in a more transparent and integrated way while going beyond the minimum reporting requirements. It has been a team effort and we are proud to have produced quality content which had a significant impact on our stakeholders and has been put to an award-winning level.

" Thanks to all who worked so hard in making this first integrated report such a success. CIEL as a group has won 3 awards and this encourages us to raise the bar even further in this current financial year. Our objective remains to create long term value for all our stakeholders and reporting is a key element in that process because transparency and clear communication enhances trust " expressed Jean-Pierre Dalais, Group Chief Executive.

The jury members told us why CIEL and Bank One won their respective awards:

Online Reporting: “CIEL Group has started its IR journey this year, and showed excellent connectivity between its annual report, its corporate website, as well as its other communication tools.”

Risk Management Disclosures – Non-Financial Institutions: “CIEL Limited was to the point and demonstrated a higher level of transparency.”

Financial Institutions – “Bank One Limited told its story how it is.”