21 May 2018
CIEL Group

#BouzeMoris: We can all do it!

This year, we celebrated 50 years of Independence of Mauritius. It was a beautiful and uniting moment, shared amongst the people born in Mauritius as well as those who have chosen to live on the island. It was also an occasion to look back on the evolution of our country since 1968.

Whilst there’s no doubt that Mauritius has achieved a lot over the past fifty years, now, it’s time to look ahead. We all know there is still a lot of work to be done to further develop our small island and strengthen the ties in our society. At the same time, we are faced with the challenge of ensuring that these developments are sustainable so that future generations can benefit from the progress made.

We regularly hear a lot of negative criticisms about the problems we have in our country, but by adopting a positive mindset we will contribute in the advancement of the country. Every day, so many of our compatriots are launching projects and starting initiatives that help our country progress. These actions bring joy into our hearts and make us proud.

This is what encouraged us to launch #BouzeMoris*. Through the website bouzemoris.mu, we want to give these projects and actions a platform that allows people throughout Mauritius to show others what they are doing. We hope these actions will inspire others, and ultimately, help us build a better future together. bouzemoris.mu is a participative platform where we can all share how we are making a difference in Mauritius and also discuss ideas that could make our country a better place. No politics, no polemics, just positivity!

All Mauritians should feel responsible for the development of our country. Each positive action or initiative we undertake can make a big difference. Just imagine, for instance, if everyone stopped littering, this single act would change our environment completely!

Tou dimounn kapav fer #BouzeMoris

Sa lane-la, nou finn selebre 50 an lindepandans Moris. Sa ti enn zoli moman rasanbleman ek partaz avek tou dimounn ki finn ne ek ki finn swazir viv lor nou zil. Li ti enn lokazion pou repans sime ki nou finn fer ensam depi 1968.

Mem si pena okenn dout ki Moris inn fer boukou progre sa sinkant lane-la, aster inn ler pou ki nou get pli divan. Nou kone ki ena ankor boukou travay pou devlop enkor plis nou ti-zil ek solidifie bann lien dan nou sosiete. Ena ousi enn defi pou fer sa devlopman-la dirab pou ki bann zenerasion fitir kapav profit bann progre ki finn fer.

Nou tann souvan boukou kritik negatif lor bann problem ki ena, me enn latitid pozitif kapav ed nou fer nou pei fer progre. Toulezour ena bann Morisien ki lans bann proze. Zot pran bann linisiativ ki fer nou pei avanse. Boukou ladan fer bann aksion ki fer nou leker kontan ek fer nou fier.

Samem ki finn ankouraz nou lans #BouzeMoris. A traver so website bouzemoris.mu, nou anvi donn sa bann proze ek aksion-la enn platform pou permet sa bann dimounn-la montre seki zot pe fer partou dan Moris. Nou anvi ki sa bann aksion servi pou donn linspirasion lezot dimounn, ek ed nou kre enn lil Moris meyer. bouzemoris.mu li enn platform partisipatif kot zot tou kapav rakonte kouma zot pe fer Moris bouze! Zero politik, zero polemik, zis pozitif! Bann sitoyen pou kapav partaz zot bann bon lide pou rann nou pei meyer.

Devlopman nou pei, li bizin mision tou ban Morisien. Sak aksion ou linitiativ pozitif ki nou fer kapav fer enn gran diferans pou nou pei.

Mazine, par exanp, si tou dimounn aret zet salte dan la natir! Sa ti aksion-la ti pou sanz nou lanvironnman enn sel kou !

*Bouze: To do something; to take action | Moris: Mauritius