31 Mar 2017
CIEL Group

Management lessons from Fabien Galthié

The French rugby coach and former captain of the French National Team, Fabien Galthié, was recently on local ground. Given his experience in team management, he shared with CIEL the lessons learned on the pitch and how they could be applied in the business context.

Many messages have been sent out to the attendance and we have gathered some of the most inspiring and motivating ones to share with our readers.

  • Small victories always lead to bigger ones that affect the battle in a positive way. We must celebrate them as they contribute in developing the winning attitude.
  • As soon as he/she detects a problem, a manager should work together with his/her team to find solutions. Pointing out an issue and going away from it or ignoring it won’t help solve anything.
  • Never undertake a battle thinking you are the strongest team. Dare to innovate and impress to earn the respect you deserve from the competitors and eventually win.
  • We’ve always got something to learn and strengths to encapsulate from every team member. If each individual is considered as a gold nugget and treated as such, then the whole team composes a treasure.
  • Our history and identity makes us who we are now. We need to build and defend our team, our brand. 

The Highland Blues, a Mauritian rugby team sponsored by CIEL, also had the privilege to be coached by the legend himself during a casual training session. Junior and Senior teams had the chance to play with him and certainly learned a lot from the tips he joyfully shared with them.