18 Dec 2017
CIEL Textile

From manufacturing to fashion design

Excellence at Core

The Mauritian textile industry has come a long way. From a mere manufacturing industry, it is relentlessly reinventing itself and further pushing the frontiers. As a major actor in this sector, CIEL Textile has consistently reengineered itself by adopting a holistic approach to enlarge its range of services and products. Tropic Knits, along with the other groups of the textile cluster, has embraced this transition and substantially revisited its offer.

Vertical integration

Through the years, Tropic Knits Group (TKG) has acknowledged the changes in the industry worldwide and managed to cope by maturing into a vertically-integrated company. More than a producer and definitely more design­ driven, with its different subsidiaries in Mauritius, Madagascar and lndia, this group has revisited its offers, which now ranges from fashion and designing concepts to production and delivery. Innovation and creativity has been, and will remain, at the heart of each and everyone's endeavour to better serve customers' needs and expectations.

Keeping track of the industry

As a matter of fact, Tropic Knits Group now drives about 60% of its turnover from the commercialisation of its own designs. ln-house fashion designers keep an eye on the latest trends through catwalks. Shopping trips to leading and inspirational brands' shops , lnstagram and fashion blogs have become appropriate tools for these professionals to get a good grasp of all trendy fashions styles, be it regarding colours, designs or fabric patterns.

Pushing the limits

With 3,900 employees, spread in four production units, Tropic Knits positions itself as a key player, not only in the textile industry but also in the fashion market as a whole. lt is no coincidence that the portfolio includes some known clients such as the online fashion and beauty store , ASOS . Tropic Knits , together with Aquarelle and Floreal Knit wear, symbolise the assertiveness shown by CIEL Textile in conquering new markets and moving up the value chain.