30 Oct 2017
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Falaise Rouge invites you for culinary discoveries

Looking for yummy local cuisine? The restaurant Falaise Rouge will definitely suit your taste buds. Situated on the southeast coast of the island, Falaise Rouge has recently revisited its offer. The restaurant, which opens everyday for lunch, now offers a buffet meal with the best and quite uncommon Mauritian dishes.

Authentic Mauritian cuisine

“We want the tourists, who visit the locality, to get a true experience of the authentic Mauritian cuisine,” explains Emmanuelle Charoux, Food & Beverages Manager at Falaise Rouge. The restaurant offers some meals that are typical of Mauritius with a clear will to promote local products such as manioc (cassava), papaya or salted fish.

Locals are also invited to visit this wonderful place since the restaurant aims at recreating the flavours of bygone days. “We offer meals such as kat-kat manioc. Our buffet changes every two months since our objective is to favour seasonal products, such as deer meat or oysters,” says the F&B Manager.

Putting forward the historical cachet

The revisiting of its food offer reflects a more profound intent to highlight the historical and cultural value of the region. Grand Port and Ferney have a particular importance in Mauritian history. Indeed, the first Dutch settlers arrived on the island at Ferney. The region is often referred to as the “cradle of Mauritian history” and has undergone some archaeological research. Those passionate about history can pay a visit to the Frederick Hendrick Museum at Vieux Grand Port. Some military installations for defence purposes, which date back the French colonisation period, are still visible.

“This dimension of Ferney and Grand Port is not promoted enough. This new positioning is meant to give a new boost to the region through inviting more tourists and Mauritians to discover both our history and culinary specialities,” Emmanuelle Charoux tells us.

Wonderful setting

This new buffet is an invite also to discover the biodiversity of La Vallée de Ferney. This new culinary offer will blend with that of this unique ecological sanctuary in Mauritius where a whole range of activities are available during week days and weekends, those passionate about nature can visit the valley accompanied by trained guides and watch endemic birds.

As part of La Vallée de Ferney, Falaise Rouge also adds up to the experience with its natural cachet. The building, that hosts the restaurant, makes the most of its natural surrounding. Partly built in stone, the restaurant is perched in a beautiful setting, right on the cliff of the south -eastern coast, which gives a panoramic view on Grand Port Bay. One can enjoy his meal while admiring the breath-taking view on the blue lagoon, or enjoying the calm of a tropical garden…