31 Mar 2017
CIEL Textile

CIEL Textile employees engage in volunteer work : ACT For Our Community program

Involving all CIEL Textile employees willingly dedicating a part of their time for volunteer work in their respective neighbourhoods, the ACT For Our Community program is a philosophy and a way of living that extends to the 20 production units of CIEL Textile around the world. Present within Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh, ACT For Our Community comes to aid to the most vulnerable individuals of these societies: underserved communities, orphans, drug and alcoholic addicts, and the physically or mentally challenged, among others.

While CIEL Textile has been involved in various CSR-related actions for many years, the ACT For Our Community initiative brought employees’ involvement to a whole new level. The various local teams raised more than Rs 7 million and various sponsorships were distributed among the targeted NGOs and communities. The ACT For Our Community Day gathered 10,000 employees in November of last year to engage with NGOs and surrounding communities. It is always a pleasure to witness how solidarity and performing small actions that brighten someone else’s day comes as naturally as part of the group’s values.