22 May 2017
CIEL Finance

CIEL reinforces its transaction capabilities

Say “Hi” to Yogesh Kissoondary, our new Corporate Finance Executive at CIEL Corporate Services (CCS). While Yogesh has freshly embarked on this adventure with the group, he has previously cumulated more than 15 years of experience at international level, having worked in over 20 countries including France, Dubai, Hong Kong, the U.S, London, Qatar and Brazil.

At CIEL, his primary mission will consist in leading and providing support to the leadership for strategic corporate transactions. The latter will include dealings such as mergers, acquisitions and restructuring for both CIEL Limited and the group’s five clusters.

Yogesh’s tips for a successful transaction

For a transaction to be successful, a clear strategy on implementation is critical. This has to take into account organisational culture, local environment and stakeholder reactions in addition to financial metrics. This is particularly important on cross border transactions where understanding local business practices and building trustful relationship can take years and is impossible to reflect in any financial model.”

  • Be prepared with a 100-day plan starting from completion date. The success of a transaction very often depends on the tone set by management within the first few days of the process.
  • Keep an eye on your working capital, an often-neglected aspect which can put financial constraint on the business post acquisition. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the working capital cycle before closing the deal.
  • Be ready to integrate the new team members into the organisation’s culture and make them feel welcome.