02 Jun 2017
CIEL Group

Ciel Group celebrates World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated on the 5th of June 2017, CIEL Group will be carrying out various activities across its clusters throughout the month of June. These activities translate CIEL’s commitment to sustainable development.

The theme chosen by the United Nations this year is “Connecting People to Nature”. In this regard, and in order to sensitize the public at large, the companies of CIEL Group have prepared a calendar of activities throughout the month of June.

Ciel Textile

3rd of June 2017

Aquarelle Group is organizing, throughout its factories in Mauritius (Quatre-Bornes, Surinam, Solitude and Grand Bois), in Madagascar and India, various activities to encourage its employees and local communities to engage and act each and every day for the conservation of our environment. Endemic trees will be planted around the city of Quatre-Bornes, awareness sessions on environmental issues and on recycling will be organised, flyers, plants and reusable bags will be offered to the public so as to encourage them to adopt a greener way of life.

Tropic Knits Group is organizing on Saturday 3rd of June a half-day program, with activities centered around the cleaning of the factories and its surrounding areas. The ‘Environment Corner’ of the Tropic Knits Reunion factory will be refurbished and employees will be encouraged to recycle (through a DIY – Do It Yourself – initiation) instead of throwing away. Plants will also be distributed to all participants. Since 2016, Tropic Knits Group has carried out several actions towards Environment Conservation: rainwater capture from roofs, conversion to LED lights within factory production areas, parking areas covered with solar lights, etc.

Ciel Corporate Services

5th of June 2017

For the World Environment Day, CIEL employees at Head Office, will be organising two mini-events under the theme ‘We are Nature’. In partnership with La Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust, they will get together for a symbolic tree planting activity, where each and every department at the Head Office, will plant an indigeneous plant species to embellish the car park at Ebène Skies.

Employees will also engage in a plant sharing activity, where each employee will be offering a plant to a colleague.

Bank One

5th of June 2017

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Bank One has organised a contest within their 13 branches. Employees have teamed-up and invented eco-friendly initiatives: some have designed a green area in their department, others have arranged for a waste sorting system on their own, another group has proposed an energy saving program. The employees have all submitted their projects, through an original picture, to a judging committee who will reward innovative ideas. The winning team will be known on the 5th of June!

La Vallée de Ferney

24-25th of June 2017

La Vallée de Ferney is celebrating World Environment Day later this month. If you want to visit one of the last endemic forests of Mauritius, and enjoy the many activities available including guided walk through the forests, La Vallée de Ferney is offering 50% on all activities on the weekend of the 24th-25th of June. For booking/more information, please contact 57291080.

For more information about CIEL’s environmental initiatives, check out our sustainability initiative report 2016.