21 Jun 2017
CIEL Finance

CFO Forum : A new exchange platform

Since the beginning of 2017, CIEL has initiated an exchange group through the organisation of quaterly CFO forums. The latter gathers the main decision-makers within the finance teams across all five clusters with numerous objectives and topics prone for discussion. This cross-fertilization forum addresses the various challenges and opportunities in finance and accounting at CIEL.

The CFO meetings have ever since been an opportunity to debate on topics such as:

  • Risk management;
  • Efficiency drivers;
  • Accounting policies and changes to accounting standards;
  • Group training towards Continued Professional Development;
  • Quarterly and Annual Reporting;
  • Integrated Reporting.

With a participation of around 30 team members at each session, “CFO forums are henceforth an efficient communication platform where we can bring forward innovative ideas, sharing it with fellow colleagues with the ultimate objective of working towards excellence in each of the respective finance department of CIEL Group”, says Jérôme De Chasteauneuf, CIEL Group Finance Director.