18 Dec 2017
CIEL Healthcare

Caring for people is our duty


Compassion, empathy and devotion are words that ho/d strong meaning for employees in our Healthcare cluster. Throughout the years, this portfolio has kept growing and expanding beyond Mauritian shores. ln our 6 hospitals, 36 clinics and 1 accredited Testing Laboratory, situated in Mauritius, Nigeria and Uganda, our employees have played key rotes in our development.

What caring really means

Regardless of their job titles, whether drivers, nurses, housekeepers, doctors or maintenance officers, they all have the same objective: caring for the patients. The mission for each employee is that every patient feels better after his/her stay or visit at the hospital.

For Govind, housekeeper executive, care is "talking to someone who is in pain, and see to it that things are easier for him. I am always available for the patient and ready to serve". ln the end, it is also for Valérie, a staff nurse, about "ensuring that the patient goes out of the hospital in better shape than when he or she came in, irrespective of his or her hea!th status".

Treating the patient as a family member

CIEL Healthcare has put much effort in improving its services. This indeed involves investments in infrastructure and equipment as well as in human competences. However, dedication cornes only with passion as testified by Sylvia, who is a seasoned nurse. "I don't like my job, I love it. Patients motivate me to wake up every morning because I know I will be useful to them", she said.

For Roshan, who works as driver since 2009, caring means considering each and every patient as "a member of his family". For CIEL Healthcare, caring goes beyond medical treatment p;since the hospital puts much emphasis on the dedication and personal commitment of its personnel.

Aiming at providing the best medical treatment

The Healthcare cluster employs over 2,500 people in the 3 countries it operates. lt offers over 40 medical specialities, with a mission to deliver the best medical treatments with a human touch, thanks to its dedicated staff.