20 Dec 2017
CIEL Group

Building our ability to sustain

Ethical & Sustainable

Employee Engagement through Environmental Awareness

Sun Resorts

As part of the SUN CARE Programme, Kanuhura Maldives has committed to cleaning-up the beach and lagoon, in view of protecting the pristine landscape. ln promoting this integrated programme, Sun Resorts moves for sustainable projects as per the triple-bottom line approach, highlighting social, economical and environmental aspects.

Bank One

At Bank One, an inter-department photography contest was organised to raise awareness in a fun way. Participants had to illustrate best eco-friendly ideas and practices. The Trade Finance Team, out of 14 teams, won the competition for capturing energy-saving and recycling measures, such as better IT  management with the automatic shutdown of all devices at 9p.m., limiting plastic use etc.

Customer Engagement


ln the Healthcare cluster, patient centricity and patient satisfaction are essential to offer the best possible service. A patient satisfaction survey managed by a third party is conducted at IMG (Uganda) to better address patients' needs. At Fortis Clinique Darné (Mauritius), patient feedback helped improve medical experience with the appointment of Floor Coordinators.


Understanding that customer engagement is a prerequisite for sustainable production, ClEL Textile has become a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). This network opens interaction with numerous stakeholders such as textile brands, retailers, manufacturers, academia as well as NGOs. As the first African member of this coalition, CIEL Textile will use this platform to improve its efficiency and processes.

Community Engagement

Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard

Since no business operates in a vacuum, the Group has brought its support to Abris de Nuit and Passerelle through Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard. Both NGOs assist homeless persons living in precarious conditions. Sorne employees of CIEL had a friendly get-together and enriching exchanges with the beneficiaries of the NGOs. Other employees took part in Chrysalide's Fund Raising 11km trail at Bambous. This initiative helped in raising Rs.10,000 for this NGO.


CIEL Textile brought community engagement to a new level through its annuai Act for our Community initiative. More than 3,000 employees participated in this initiative this year. ln 2016, Rs. 7 million were raised, of which Rs. 700,000 were collected by Aquarelle Antananarivo, Madagascar. Part of these funds was used for the refurbishment of a public primary school. Uniforms and shoes, as well as soft-skill training, were offered to students.