07 Nov 2017
CIEL Textile

Aquarelle Grand Bois wins the CIEL Textile Chairman's Manufacturing Excellence Award 2017 in Bangalore, India

The CIEL Textile Chairman's Manufacturing Excellence Award 2017, rewarding the three garment making units of CIEL Textile (namely Floreal Knitwear, Tropic Knits Group and Aquarelle Group) took place on October 15 in Bangalore, India. CIEL Textile board of directors and its top management were all present at the award ceremony. 

CIEL Textile Chairman's Manufacturing Excellence Award 2017 : Hall of Fame

The coveted award, the CIEL Textile Chairman 's Manufacturing Excellence Award 2017, went to Aquarelle Grand Bois while the "Quality Award" was awarded to Laguna Mauritius. The Laguna India team won the "Most Improved Factory Award" and Aquarelle Antsirabe won the "Best Human Resource Management Award". The other winners of this edition are Floreal Tana who wins the "Wet Processing Best Practice Award", Laguna India who wins the "World Class Subcon Management Award", ACL Antsirabe wins the "CSR - Act for our Community Award" and Aquarelle India Pvt Limited wins the "Innovation & Engineering Award" and the "Sustainable Environment Award".

The award ceremony took place in a festive atmosphere.

Best employees :

Shahinur KHANOM (Tropic Knits Ltd, Mauritius), Marie Jeanne Yvonne RAJAONARIVELO (Tropic Knits Ltd, Madagascar), Senthil Kumar SHANKARALINGAM (Tropic Knits Ltd, India), Kazi EKRAMUL (Floreal Knitwear Ltd, Bangladesh), Olivia RAVLIMANANA (Floreal Knitwear Ltd, Madagascar), Ando RAZAFIMBELO (Floreal Knitwear Ltd, Madagascar), Lantosoa Nathi Irinah RAJAONARIVONY (Floreal Knitwear, Antsirabe), Anjeelay MUTHYALU (Aquarelle Clothing Ltd, Surinam), Poonam SEETOHUL (Aquarelle Clothing Ltd, Grand Bois), Rosemay JHUREEA (Laguna Clothing Ltd, Mauritius), Marthe MAMPIONONTSOA (Aquarelle Clothing Ltd, Tana), Jaona Barinjaka ANDRIANIRINA (Aquarelle Clothing Ltd, Antsirabe), Joeline RAFARASOA (Aquarelle Clothing Ltd, Antsirabe), Lakshmi KALLUBALU BASAVARAJU (Aquarelle India Pvt Ltd), Kalpana PRUSTY (Aquarelle India Pvt Ltd), Poornima G. (Aquarelle India Pvt Ltd), Vijaya SHIVARAJU (Laguna Clothing Pvt Ltd, India).