CIEL Limited is one of the leading local industrial and investment groups, with operations also on the African and Asian continents.

Incorporated in 1912, CIEL always played a prominent role in the socio-economic development of the country. As such, from its modest beginnings in the Mauritian sugar industry, CIEL has diversified its activities over the years and is constantly exploring new avenues of development while reinforcing its presence in the region as well as in Africa and India.


CIEL achieved an important milestone with the successful merger of one of its investment companies into the Group’s holding company. The new entity is now listed on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. With a financial capitalisation of Rs 8 billion, CIEL is one of the largest local companies in terms of market capitalisation.

The group has interests in most of the sectors of the national economy. Its activities are regrouped under five distinct business segments.

CIEL has a workforce of about 28,000 people deployed across Mauritius and some African and Asian countries.

CIEL Limited has always nurtured a culture of innovation and has teamed up with leading partners in their respective field, amongst with:

  • I&M Bank - a leading commercial bank in East Africa
  • Religare - leader in non-banking financial services in emerging markets (asset management, brokerage, wealth management)
  • Kingdom Hotel Investments and the Four Seasons (hospitality industry)
  • Fortis - a major Indian healthcare group in Asia.