• CIEL Group's profit rose to Rs 1.9bn before non‐recurrent items and tax in the year ended 30 June 2015.

    28 Sep 2015

    Building on the momentum created last year following the major restructuring of the Group, CIEL has pursued its long term growth and value creation strategy and strengthened its portfolio:

    •Stake in Medical & Surgical Centre Limited increased from 29.80% to 58.60%;

    •Disposal of its 20% stake in Constance Hotels Services Limited and further consolidation of its participation in Sun Limited (“Sun”). CIEL now holds 59.79% of Sun;

    •Regional expansion with the acquisition of a majority stake of 90.1% in International Medical Group Limited, the leading private healthcare service provider in Uganda;

    •Partnership with Amethis Finance (“Amethis”), a European investment fund dedicated to Africa. Amethis holds 24.9% of CIEL Finance Ltd.

    In order to finance at competitive rate its strategic development, CIEL has successfully issued in June 2015 a Rs 1.05bn notes programme at a weighted average interest rate of 5.68%.