Investor Relations Sub-Committees of the board

  • Sub-Committees of the board

    The Board of CIEL has established four committees namely the Audit & Risk Committee, the Corporate Governance, Ethics, Nomination & Remuneration Committee, the Strategic & Advisory Committee and the Corporate Sustainability Committee which are responsible for assisting the Board in discharging its responsibilities.

    Each committee acts according to clearly defined terms of reference approved by the Board and reports to the Board on matters discussed at committee meetings.

    Board Committees are entitled to take independent and external professional advice, as and when necessary. Senior Management as well as internal and external auditors regularly attend Committee meetings to report on specific issues.


    Strategic & Advisory Committee
    R. Thierry Dalais (Chairperson)
    Damien Braud
    Sébastien Coquard
    M. F. Antoine Delaporte
    P. Arnaud Dalais
    Jean-Pierre Dalais
    L. J. Jérôme De Chasteauneuf
    Audit & Risk Committee
    Catherine McIlraith (Chairperson)
    Pierre Danon
    M. A. Louis Guimbeau
    Corporate Governance, Ethics, Nomination & Remuneration Committee
    F. Antoine Delaporte (Chairperson)
    R. Thierry Dalais
    Xavier Thiéblin
    Corporate Sustainability Committee
    Roger Espitalier Noël (Chairperson)
    Delphine Bouic - Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard
    Jean-Pierre Dalais - CIEL
    Hélène Echevin - CIEL Corporate Services/CIEL Healthcare
    Pami Kular - CIEL Textile
    Sandrine Petit - SUN
    Mathieu Razé - CIEL Corporate Services
    Jean-Marc Rivet - CIEL Properties
    Dev Sewgobind - CIEL Corporate Services
    Oumhany Sy - Proparco
    Kamini Vencadasmy - CIEL Healthcare



    Strategic & Advisory Committee
    Audit & Risk Committee
    Corporate Governance, Ethics, Nomination & Remuneration Committee
    Corporate Sustainability Committee


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