The Board of Directors of Sun Resorts Limited (“SRL” or “the Company”) wishes to inform
its shareholders and the public in general that SRL has, on Saturday 30 May 2015, acquired
the full ownership of Kingdom 5-KR-182, Ltd (the “Transaction”) for an amount
of 40 million US Dollars and thereby taking over the beneficial ownership of
50% shareholding in Anahita Hotel Limited (“AHL”, the owner of the Four Seasons
Resort Mauritius at Anahita or the “Hotel”).
This unique opportunity has been presented to the Company following the strategy of
Kingdom to divest in certain of its hotel investments.
The Hotel remains under the long-term management of the Four Seasons.
With its previous acquisition of the 50% share capital held by Alteo Group on 2 December
2014, SRL now, directly and indirectly, holds 100% of AHL. The Company is pleased to
acquire control of such a prized asset, which has been achieving exceptional results
despite the difficult conditions prevailing in the industry during the past years. SRL
therefore strengthens its strategic partnership with Four Seasons, which is an international
five-star luxury hotel management company based in Canada, with 92 hotels amongst the
top luxury hotels in 38 countries.
As from 1 June 2015, SRL will be able to consolidate AHL’s results, which should have a
positive impact on its group’s profitability.
The Board of Directors of SRL is of the opinion that this Transaction is in the best interests
of SRL as it is in line with its strategy of developing its hotel portfolio through partnerships
with luxury international operators while continuing to develop its own brand and
The Transaction is not a notifiable transaction as per Chapter 13 of the Listing Rules of the
Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd.
By Order of the Board
CIEL Corporate Services Ltd
Company Secretary
01 June 2015
BRN: C06003886
This Communiqué is issued pursuant to Listing Rule 11.3 and the Securities Act 2005.
The Board of Directors of Sun Resorts Limited accepts full responsibility for the
information contained in this Communiqué.

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Monday, June 1, 2015