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To be the leader of sustainable development in our world.


We create and nurture lasting value for our stakeholders and country through transparent, ethical and responsible business management.


CIEL has committed to go beyond what is required by law and implement Good International Industry Practices (“GIIP”) as well as best sustainable practices through a continuous improvement process.

The Group is aligning itself with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards, including all applicable IFC Guidelines, is set to be the minimum requirement across all our operations by 2020.

Building our ability to sustain

Sustainable Initiatives 2018
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La Vallée de Ferney

Corporate Sustainability GOAL 1 - Sustainability as a management practice

  • Sustainability as a management practice

    Sustainability at CIEL goes well beyond compliance and philanthropy. We firmly believe that the growth and prosperity of our businesses is directly linked to our ability to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.

    Sustainable practices have been part of our business equation. However, we aspire to accomplish even more and embed sustainability as a management practice across all our operations, in order to contribute further to the development of Mauritius and the communities where we operate.

    Today, as an international investment company, employing more than 35,000 employees across 10 countries, we acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibility and engage actively with our stakeholders.

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  • Our initiatives - at CIEL Textile

    CIEL Textile is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index (“SEMSI”) since 2015.

    The SEMSI tracks the price-performance of those companies, which demonstrate strong sustainability practices. It offers a useful tool for domestic and international investors with an appetite for responsible investment.

    Best Practices at CIEL Textile

    Together with CIEL Limited, CIEL Textile has embarked on a journey to embed sustainability across all its operations through a five-year action plan. As a business leader, CIEL Textile fully embraces its role and responsibility in creating lasting value for its stakeholders, by adopting the best practices and conjugating high performance with great human values.

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Corporate Sustainability Goal 2 - Embed sustainability in ciel’s culture


    Our sustainability journey begins with “Who we are” and “Where we are from”. It forms part of our culture, and our beliefs in hard work, integrity, spirit of entrepreneurship, sense of partnership and strong human approach.

    We firmly believe that sustainability cannot be reduced to an action item on our to-do list, but rather consists of a way of looking at things, a way of doing business. Beyond that, sustainability implies looking at the bigger picture, thinking long-term, while taking into account all stakeholders and into consideration the impact of every decision we make.

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  • Our initiatives - CIEL's Sustainability Forum

    In order to better understand what sustainability means at CIEL and foster a sustainable culture within our operations, CIEL organised its first Sustainability Forum in June 2016 with the participation of over 125 executives from our five clusters.

    Through interactive panel discussions, we have been able to share our best practices and understanding the common goals and objectives despite operating in different sectors and regions.

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Corporate Sustainability Goal 3 - Nurture ciel’s people


    CIEL has a vibrant story, and is fortunate to have such diverse and dedicated teams of talented people, all of whom play an important role in the execution of our strategy.

    Today we have the strength of a large investment group, upon which we are building upon to reinforce synergies at all levels.

    We firmly believe in our guiding principles and our way of doing business which is based on trust in our people, strategic partnerships for mutual growth, strong governance and ethics and a deeply rooted entrepreneurship spirit that drives our quest for excellence.

    The key to our success lies in the decentralization of our Group’s operations which brings accountability and empowerment of our people. Our people is our gold.

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  • Our initiative - Chairman’s Award as a cross-fertilization case study within our operations

    The objective of this annual Award is to celebrate the contribution and effort of the men and women behind CIEL Textile’s development and achievements. This yearly happening further aims at cultivating the core value of excellence amongst our 20,000 employees while generating a spirit of dynamism, performance and competitiveness that is recognized and valued by all our customers. Finally, the Chairman's Award is also for the various production units an opportunity to share best practices and challenges encountered in their respective units, which help develop a cross-fertilization culture between sister companies. 

    Take a look at the Award spirit here.

    CIEL Textile Chairman's Manufacturing Excellence Award

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Corporate Sustainability Goal 4 - Create lasting value for our stakeholders


    Conscious of our impact and role as an International Investment Company, we are committed to bring long-term value to all our stakeholders from protecting and managing shareholder’s interest, fostering growth, providing an adequate working environment to all our talents and contributing to the socio-economic development of Mauritius and the countries we operate in.

    CIEL’s 100 years-old story and heritage illustrates how creating lasting value for our stakeholders has always been the pulse of our Group. As P. Arnaud Dalais, Chairman of CIEL puts it “It needs to beat in every community, in every company, in every family and in every individual. It should run through our blood to inform every decision we take.”

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  • Our initiatives - at CIEL Textile


    With the aim of stimulating the spirit of sharing and employee engagement, CIEL Textile has launched its first Act for Our Community initiative on 13 November 2016. Gathering some 10,000 employees across 4 countries (Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh), fund raising activities were conducted throughout the year to support communities within which the company operates. Thanks to the direct involvement and support of its employees, 7 million Mauritian rupees were raised, distributed to NGOs or used for community programmes.

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Corporate Sustainability Goal 5 - Promote the sustainable development of mauritius


    We are building a future where we aim to deliver balanced growth and sustainable value creation. As a Mauritian company, we are committed to contributing to the economic development of the country, while improving the quality of life of communities in all the countries where we operate.

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  • Our initiatives - La Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust

    CIEL has an on-going commitment to support the protection of the unique biodiversity of La Vallée de Ferney, an area of privately owned land in the Bambous Mountains that is among the largest and most important reserves of native wildlife in Mauritius.

    In January 2013, the Vallee de Ferney Conservation Trust and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further develop the conservation management of the valley and of its endemic species. In 2014, a three-year project was initiated for a Mauritian biodiversity conservation and awareness hotspot, in partnership with the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Securities and the GEF Small Grants Programme UNDP. The project consists of 4 main aspects, namely:

    • Forest conservation
    • Propagation of native plants
    • Rare plant search
    • Native bird reintroduction

    As part of these efforts to reintroduce native birds, aviaries for the accommodation of echo parakeet and pink pigeons have been built. 

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  • Our initiatives - Ferney Trail

    First launched in 2008, the Ferney Trail is an annual event organised by CIEL, that has grown to become one of the biggest sports event in Mauritius, with more than 2,500 participants.

    For CIEL, the Ferney Trail is an opportunity to share our values and contribute to the well-being of our people. As such, the Ferney trail has become our platform to promote the practice of sports activities with family, friends and colleagues, while enjoying the unique green scenery and healthy environment of La Vallée de Ferney.

    Ferney Trail is a non-profit event whereby all profits are redistributed to NGOs.

  • Our initiatives - CIEL Foundation

    CIEL has continuously endeavored to contribute to the welfare of the communities in which the group conducts business. It manages this commitment, beyond its business units activities, through CIEL Foundation ('CF') which has  invested more than MUR 84M since 2005.

    CF is accredited as a Special Purpose Vehicle by the National Corporate Sustainability (‘CSR') Committee. The organisation has been authorised to receive CSR tax contributions from CIEL’s subsidiaries and associated since February 2010.

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  • Example - Women's Forum Mauritius 2016

    The Women's Forum Mauritius 2016 - Meeting the Climate Challenge for SIDS and Africa was held on the 20th and 21st of June 2016, under the aegis of the Office of the President of the Republic of Mauritius.

    CIEL sustainability Officer, Alvin Peerty, shares his own take-home messages from the Forum.

    • The economic and social impacts of Climate Change are largely undermined. For example, health impacts due to changing temperature (Malaria, Zika, etc), food security and availability of quality water.
    • Behind these challenges lies opportunities. Technological innovations, sustainable financing, partnerships or simply, joining supply and demand is bringing new business opportunities, improved social wellbeing and better environmental performance.
    • Many examples have been tackled during the Forum among which the optimisation of agricultural practices, renewable energy dissemination and access to medicine.
    • Awareness, networking and collaboration among countries, organisations and people are the main enablers to meet the Climate Challenge.
    • Women’s contribution is essential. The examples tackled during the Forum showed clearly how women emancipation and empowerment is an imperative for a sustainable future, starting with increased contribution to economic growth.
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Corporate Sustainability CIEL Foundation

CIEL continuously endeavors to contribute to the welfare of the communities in which the Group conducts business. It manages this commitment through CIEL Foundation (CF).

Established in 2004, CF is engaged in the fight against poverty and exclusion, education and disability. Since February 2010, CF has been empowered to receive the CSR tax through funding from subsidiary companies of CIEL.

The Foundation has invested some MUR 84M since 2005 in various projects managed by local NGOs, with whom it has developed close partnerships. CF also funds and manages a communication platform for NGOs called After 13 years of operation, is considered as the reference web platform for social professionals and with more than 100 NGOs registered on the website.

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Corporate Sustainability CIEL Foundation - operating mode & Values

  • Operating Mode & Values

    To ensure the efficiency of its commitment with the local communities, CIEL Foundation (CF) has chosen to develop partnerships with local NGOs. The partnerships allow financing, but also capacity building and are based on strong values.

    · CF finances mainly running costs of projects as we believe that volunteering cannot sustain a long-term project and that the people value is necessary to its success.

    · CF gives capacity building to NGOs by bringing project management experience and inviting other partners to bring their expertise.

    · CF partnerships with NGOs are based on strong values which are respect, ethics, and transparency.

    With these three pillars, CF creates synergy around a project to bring it to its excellence.

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Corporate Sustainability CIEL Foundation - projects

  • ACTogether is the only web portal offering information on social works and actions in Mauritius and Rodrigues. After 10 years, the portal has moved towards a larger public offering more services. With more than hundred NGOs listed, financers, professional tools and citizens’ actions, is the reference for social actions.

    It offers constant news of the NGOs through two newsletters every month to 3,500 persons, on its Facebook page, and thanks to its collaboration with Radio One and L’Express newspaper.

    With the refurbished version launched in December 2016, citizens are encouraged to get involved, help, participate, recycle, donate with the new “Citoyens” page dedicated to them.

    In addition, organises a series of activities yearly to bring NGOs “together” and enhance their capacities and visibilities, among which:

    • The “Marché Solidaire”, whose main objectives are to gather all the NGOs around a common project, help them improve the quality of their craft products, bring capacity building and help them in raising funds.
    • often holds a stand at various exposition or open days activities such as the NGOs day at UOM. In collaboration with NGOs, social workers and volunteers, the stand offers the opportunity to be seen, to recruit volunteers and raise awareness around social work in general.
    • also holds “ACTogether ProWorkshops” where professionals give effective training on various themes such as Human Resource Management, fund raising techniques, educational techniques etc ..
  • Focus projects

    Society for the Welfare of the Deaf ("SWD")

    In 2010, CIEL Foundation ("CF") and the SWD opened the FIRST secondary school for hearing-impaired children in Mauritius by launching two classrooms of Form I. Today, the secondary section runs from Form I to IV and keeps on adapting its program to the needs of the students. As at end 2016, 100 students had passed and almost 80% of them are today professionally active. CF invested MUR 5.5M in this project.

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    ANFEN ("Adolescent Non Formal Education Network")

    ANFEN is a network regrouping 20 centres, with 1 centre in Rodrigues, and welcoming nearly 1,000 adolescents with learning difficulties and school drop-outs. ANFEN as a network offers to its members pedagogical and psychosocial support. Within this network, there is a team of social workers linking families and schools. CF funds the salaries of these eight social workers for MUR 620,000 per year.


    Lakaz Lespwar Solitude (“LKL Solitude”)

    Since its inception in 2010, this community development project managed in partnership with Caritas has accompanied about 4,300 people to help them evade the cycle of poverty. 100 families are currently benefiting from their support. CF invested MUR 12.7M in this project. LKL Solitude is an integrated development project, giving free services to people in vulnerable situations. Services offered vary from early childhood school, to therapeutic common garden, education and training for children & adults, personal development programs, solidarity shops, assistance for food, health, housing problems or teenager’s empowerment.


    Lakaz Lespwar Olivia (“LKL Olivia”)

    Building on the success of Lakaz Lespwar Solitude, CF launched the same concept at Olivia in 2015 and financed the installation of the centre with Alteo Group. Today, about 100 families have been identified and services are put together to accompany them.

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  • Other Projects

    Over & above these, CF also helps NGOs on specific projects linked to CIEL’s future developments and strategies, for example Mahebourg Espoir Education Centre close to Ferney and Inclusion Mauritius; a network of NGOs working with handicap people and who is helping to raise awareness on mental handicap in the Group.

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    As part of its strategy to give capacity building to its focus projects, CF also finances other NGOs which can bring support and establish partnerships with these tasks. Some of these “satellite projects” are:

    Pedostop - awareness session on child abuse

    Friends in Hope - awareness session on mental disease

    Etoile d’Esperance - awareness sessions and prise en charge on alcoholism amongst women

    Kinouété - support of beneficiaries in jail

    ICJM (Institut Cardinal Jean Margéot) - personal development programs

    Link to Life - awareness and detection on breast cancer

    DLD Teen Hope – an ANFEN centre

    • Mahebourg Espoir Education Centre - Facilitates the social integration of the community in future developments of the region

    • Centre d’Acceuil de Terre Rouge – with it’s new centre treating synthetic drugs addictions amongst youngsters, the Centre Frère René Guillemin.
    • Befrienders – for awareness raisins sessions on suicide prevention
    • Rêve & Espoir – for its specialized classrooms for autistic children
    • TIPA – for their training sessions Facilit’Art and their manager’s workshop; bringing art therapy capacity building in NGOs
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  • Focus Projects

    Service d’Évaluation et de Diagnostic de l’Autisme à Maurice (SEDAM)

    Unique in Mauritius, SEDAM has been officially launched in July 2018.  This service is managed by Autisme Maurice and provides a multidisciplinary diagnosis to patients suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This project was made possible with the support of CIEL Foundation (CF) and other partners such as SUN Resorts, Wellkin Hospital and State Bank of Mauritius. Wellkin offers two consultation rooms, for free, to welcome the families in the best possible conditions. Sun Resorts also contributed to the project by sponsoring the accommodation of the coach from Austime Reunion who provided training to SEDAM staff in Mauritius. 

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Corporate Sustainability CIEL Foundation - Financing

  • Financing

    CF is financed 100% by CIEL group’s clusters, by the CSR tax and additional contributions whenever necessary.

    Since 14 years, MUR 90M have been invested in various projects.

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Corporate Sustainability CIEL Foundation - Citizenship

  • Citizenship

    CF is a major player on the national level, working towards inclusion of the vulnerable population and aiming at creating a better Mauritius. It collaborates with the Business Mauritius CSR network and is also an active partner in government endeavors and on projects brought forward by other main actors of the private sector.

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  • La Vallée de Ferney

    CIEL has an ongoing commitment to support the unique biodiversity of La Vallée de Ferney, an area of privately owned land in the Bambous Mountains, that is  among the largest and most important reserves of native wildlife in Mauritius.

    In January 2013, the Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding  to further develop the conservation management of the valley and of its endemic species. In 2014, a three-year project was initiated to “Optimise the Ferney Valley into a Mauritian biodiversity conservation and awareness hotspot”, in partnership with the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security and the GEF Small Grants Programme UNDP. The project consists of 4 main aspects, namely:

    •   Forest conservation
    •   Propagation of native plants
    •   Rare plant search
    •   Native bird reintroduction

    As part of the efforts to reintroduce native birds, avaries for the accommodation of echo parakeet and pink pigeons have been built.