Corporate Sustainability Goal 3 - Nurture ciel’s people


    CIEL has a vibrant story, and is fortunate to have such diverse and dedicated teams of talented people, all of whom play an important role in the execution of our strategy.

    Today we have the strength of a large investment group, upon which we are building upon to reinforce synergies at all levels.

    We firmly believe in our guiding principles and our way of doing business which is based on trust in our people, strategic partnerships for mutual growth, strong governance and ethics and a deeply rooted entrepreneurship spirit that drives our quest for excellence.

    The key to our success lies in the decentralization of our Group’s operations which brings accountability and empowerment of our people. Our people is our gold.

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  • Our initiative - Chairman’s Award as a cross-fertilization case study within our operations

    The objective of this annual Award is to celebrate the contribution and effort of the men and women behind CIEL Textile’s development and achievements. This yearly happening further aims at cultivating the core value of excellence amongst our 20,000 employees while generating a spirit of dynamism, performance and competitiveness that is recognized and valued by all our customers. Finally, the Chairman's Award is also for the various production units an opportunity to share best practices and challenges encountered in their respective units, which help develop a cross-fertilization culture between sister companies. 

    Take a look at the Award spirit here.

    CIEL Textile Chairman's Manufacturing Excellence Award

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