CIEL has an ongoing commitment to support the unique biodiversity of La Vallée de Ferney, an area of privately owned land in the Bambous Mountains, that is  among the largest and most important reserves of native wildlife in Mauritius.

In January 2013, the Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding  to further develop the conservation management of the valley and of its endemic species. In 2014, a three-year project was initiated to “Optimise the Ferney Valley into a Mauritian biodiversity conservation and awareness hotspot”, in partnership with the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security and the GEF Small Grants Programme UNDP. The project consists of 4 main aspects, namely:

•   Forest conservation
•   Propagation of native plants
•   Rare plant search
•   Native bird reintroduction

As part of the efforts to reintroduce native birds, avaries for the accommodation of echo parakeet and pink pigeons have been built.

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