Corporate Sustainability GOAL 1 - Sustainability as a management practice

  • Sustainability as a management practice

    Sustainability at CIEL goes well beyond compliance and philanthropy. We firmly believe that the growth and prosperity of our businesses is directly linked to our ability to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.

    Sustainable practices have been part of our business equation. However, we aspire to accomplish even more and embed sustainability as a management practice across all our operations, in order to contribute further to the development of Mauritius and the communities where we operate.

    Today, as an international investment company, employing more than 35,000 employees across 10 countries, we acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibility and engage actively with our stakeholders.

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  • Our initiatives - at CIEL Textile

    CIEL Textile is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index (“SEMSI”) since 2015.

    The SEMSI tracks the price-performance of those companies, which demonstrate strong sustainability practices. It offers a useful tool for domestic and international investors with an appetite for responsible investment.

    Best Practices at CIEL Textile

    Together with CIEL Limited, CIEL Textile has embarked on a journey to embed sustainability across all its operations through a five-year action plan. As a business leader, CIEL Textile fully embraces its role and responsibility in creating lasting value for its stakeholders, by adopting the best practices and conjugating high performance with great human values.

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