Corporate Sustainability Goal 2 - Embed sustainability in ciel’s culture


    Our sustainability journey begins with “Who we are” and “Where we are from”. It forms part of our culture, and our beliefs in hard work, integrity, spirit of entrepreneurship, sense of partnership and strong human approach.

    We firmly believe that sustainability cannot be reduced to an action item on our to-do list, but rather consists of a way of looking at things, a way of doing business. Beyond that, sustainability implies looking at the bigger picture, thinking long-term, while taking into account all stakeholders and into consideration the impact of every decision we make.

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  • Our initiatives - CIEL's Sustainability Forum

    In order to better understand what sustainability means at CIEL and foster a sustainable culture within our operations, CIEL organised its first Sustainability Forum in June 2016 with the participation of over 125 executives from our five clusters.

    Through interactive panel discussions, we have been able to share our best practices and understanding the common goals and objectives despite operating in different sectors and regions.

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