Business Sectors Woven Cluster

  • Aquarelle Group

    Aquarelle Clothing Limited is an international shirts manufacturer supplying a homogenous upper/middle market segment through 11 production units in Mauritius, Madagascar and India.

    Aquarelle produces and exports some 15.5 million shirts and 9 million meters of woven fabric per year. The group has successfully positioned its products in an up-market and aims to be the “Best alternative to China”.


    • Consolidated Fabrics Limited (CFL): specialised in manufacturing of fabrics
    • Pastel Blue: specialised in the production of women’s shirts
    • Laguna Clothing: specialised in the production of men’s shirts
    • Aquarelle Casual: specialised in the production of casual shirts

    Workforce: 10,700

    Countries: Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh

    Turnover: MUR 6.2BN for the year ended 30 June 2017.

    Brochure Aquarelle (PDF, 1910 Kb)