Agro And Property

Deeply linked with the sugar industry since 1912, CIEL remains a key stakeholder in the agro-industry and has gradually diversified in the property sector. CIEL Agro & Property business sector includes Ferney Ltd, a large agricultural land owning company and the Ebene Skies building. CIEL is also an important shareholder of Alteo Limited.

Over 4100 committed employees

Countries: Mauritius, Tanzania

Mauritius, 11 250 Ha of cane field, 830 000 tonnes of sugar cane, 160,000 tons of sugar

Tanzania, 8,000 Ha of cane field, 900,000 tons of sugar cane,102,000 tons of sugar



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  • Alteo Limited

    CIEL Agro & Property includes its 20.96% shareholding in Alteo Limited, listed on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) since 2012. It is the largest sugar producer in Mauritius with a production capacity of some 160,000 tons annually. Alteo also owns a controlling interest in TPC Ltd, a sugar factory based in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, which produces around 102,000 tons of sugar.

    In August 2015, Alteo strengthened its position in regional growth markets with the acquisition, through its subsidiary Sucrière des Mascareignes Limited, of 51% in Transmara Sugar Company Limited, a Kenyan sugar factory which produces around 60,000 tons of sugar per annum.

    Alteo is moreover the owner and developer of Anahita, an IRS development on the east coast of Mauritius.

Agro And Property Ferney & Other Properties

  • Ferney Ltd, La Vallée de Ferney & Ebene Skies Limited

    CIEL Limited holds 71.06% shares of Ferney Ltd, a large agricultural land owning company. Together with the Government of Mauritius,
    Ferney Ltd is the main sponsor of La Vallée de Ferney, a 200 hectares nature reserve sheltering a unique biodiversity of over 100 plant species and numerous vertebrate and invertebrate species as well.

    CIEL Limited, through Ebene Skies Limited, also owns the Ebene Skies building, with a surface area of 7,800 sq.m of office space.